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We sell a system capable of creating 2.4 kilowatts of energy ready to plug and reduce your electricity bill that costs only $5,958. You can add to this system as many times as you want and make it much larger.

Our small system of 600 watts complete ready to install costs only $1,695

In the current economy a return on your money of 3% is fantastic. With a return on your solar investment a return of 30% to 50% is available with solar systems and this is the reason they are becoming so popular.

Sonoran Desert Solar or "SDS" is the Best Solar Panel System Available at the lowest price.  Call    520-450-3237

The billionaire TEP company is charging 5 percent more for electricity yearly so in 5 years the electricity billing will be 25 percent more than it was and in 10 years it will be more so instead of $150 a month for a year it will be $337 In 25 years. TEP will charge over $400,50 a. Solar panels will keep the price $0 for 25 years, not $4050 a year in $25 years. See their billing in 25 years in the right column. Our solar Panels installed will save you over a $70,000 amount now to then in 25 years.

You can have us Install now and get rich with Sonoran Desert Solar "SDS" You can call 520-450-3237 and understand the entire panel costs with installing. If you install more than you need selling it to someone a neighbor or TEP will make you wealthy.  Now if your TEP electric billing is averaged in a year of about $150 a month with summer up and winter down with the TEP billing going up by them 5 percent a year billing in 25 years will be up to $4,050 for that last year so your Solar Panels installed by our system charging $250 a month for 3 years with free electricity in 30 days for 25 years will be cheap and the panels are also guaranteed 100 percent for 25 years.


Commercial Systems paid for in 2 years cheaply just a little more than the billing was because electricity will be free in 30 days. Then electric billing is free for 25 years. Residential with summer cool available will give you in the winter extra money to collect for selling it.
Soon you will see live here the actual electricity generated with the display when we set it up in your house, the system in your house will be much cooler and for 25 years with no charge.

If you pay us $250 a month in 2 years you will save $72,594 in 25 years       See Below

Sonoran Desert Solar is Number 1 and will save you money and make you Rich for 25 years after paying for it.

The new Sonoran Desert Solar system is first-class and has the latest technology. It develops the maximum wattage per dollar and pays for itself in less than 3 years normal electric billing. That means that over the next 25 years of the panel’s guarantee it reduces your light Bill to $0 and it gives you over 22 years free electricity and you can sell the excess amount. Once you have enough wattage to cover your light Bill with the air-conditioning system running it will generate enough electricity to reduce your light bill to $0 for 25 years. In the months when you are using very little electricityy so the panels are generating much eiectricity and can be giving you payments by the TEP or other company sending electricity to them to sell. In the winter for the months you send them electricity when the more electricity is not needed by you, you get rich. For example in the 7 months of October November December January February March and April, when the air conditioner does not run 100 percent you are generating electricity surplus and this you can be paid sending electricity to TEP. When you buy solar panels with Installation from us they are guaranteed for 25 years and you can buy them with just some money over your normal past electric billing you have had for several years. Your electric billing now will be 0 for the next 25 years. When you have panels enough to be AC cool and everything else, the TEP will pay you 80 percent of their electricity billing to others no wiring or more normal TEP billing price so in 25 years you will be receiving over a $150 dollars a month for 25 years equaling over $45,000 dollars or way over if you have more panels so you can also sell electricity to your neighbor and get 20 percent richer. Now you know why the schools have a lot of solar panels because their electric billing is 0 with over $100 thousand dollars into their schools pockets at no cost selling extra electricity to TEP. The electricity the panels give you in June July and August is over 100 percent of what you need or more. Then after August your electricity needs are down so you can sell electricity to a neighbor at the normal billing price for 9 months or more. I have installed double panels needed so you could become rich without working for 25 years. ibstalling double twice the panels is cheaper because the larger panel brackets are cheaper with the same mounting hardware


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    Call me for Alejandro Portugal auto Insurance (Seguros) you get this insurance for being in Mexico Cheaply 520-450-3237

    With a beginning simple system you start to make money with no electrical bill any month for 25 years. Once you feel the savings it was easier to pay for and get free electric billing for over 25 years. The systems I put in 25 years ago were just down 15 percent so another 6 panels would give you free electrivity for many more years. If you sell your home they are a positive plus that makes the sale fast I have talked with many new owners giving them the Solar Panel Guarantee gates. A system that pays for itself in 3 years Tep Billing with a panel life guarantee of 25 years you get paid back a minimum of over 10 times your investment. You can spend as little as $1,695 for a starting system. On this system it pays you back by saving that much on your electrical bill. Then every two years you get a further reduction of $1,695 dollars. This amounts to paying you back another $16,950 dollars by the reduction of your electric bill, for an initial $1,695 dollar investment. This is a 33% to a 50% return on the investment per year making the return of up to 900% during the warranty period. This is even better when you realize that most guaranteed items last twice as long as their guarantee giving 70 percent so adding the 30 percent after 25 years is cheap. 

    I had 7 solar panel customers double their solar panels needed quickly and then every month they sold electricity to TEP at 80 percent of electricty cost or 100 percent to neighbors at a lower price to them so they made over the money needed for taking care of their kids every month without working. I now have had over 10 more do it to make money with out haveing to work.

    See the colum on the right side how you can save spending over $70,000 for electricity in the next 25 years. Now you know why the TEP company is a billionaire company. 

    By having us install another $6000 worth of panels you would make over $70,000 selling electricity to the TEP company Just think installing another $6000 worth from us you would make over $140,000 selling it to them.

    The TEP pays you 80 percent of their selling price that they sell it for so their 20 percent makes them smile and the 80 percent makes you smile 4 times better.


    The systems we test with a monitor for your systems effectiveness. Coming by to check it for will allow us to understand the percentage of use so turning your temperature down is safe. You can also monitor them at the same time from your computer or mobile phone. While more solar energy comes to TEP online from you and you get paid bu them 80 percent so the less TEP needs for to generate electricity polluting the air by electricity power generated by them from coal and oil. Do this today and in a month your electricity bill will be 0.

    Pueden eliminarse las facturas de energía

    Owned by SDS Sherman Dean Smith

    Contáct Me 520-450-3237 

    Call 520 450 3237 for a quotation best price and installation in Mexico or the USA.     

    Pay a Month For a year  Plus a year  equals $157.50           x12            year 1         $1834 $165                x12            year 2         $1980 $172.50           x12            year 3        $2070 $180               x12            year 4        $2160 $187.50         x12             year 5        $2250 $195              x12             year 6        $2340 $202.50         x12             year 7        $2430 $210              x12             year 8        $2520 $217.50         x12             year 9        $2610 $225              x12             year10       $2700 $232.50          x12            year 11      $2790 $240               x12            year 12      $2880 $247.50           x12            year 13      $2970 $255               x12              year 14      $3060 $262.50           x12             year 15      $3150 $270               x12              year 16      $3240 $277.50          x12              year 17      $3330 $285               x12              year 18      $3420 $292.50          x12              year19       $3510 $300              x12              year 20       $3600 $307.50         x12             year 21       $3690 $315              x12             year 22      $3780 $322.50         x12             year 23      $3870 $380             x12             year 24       $3960 $337.50         x12             year 25       $4050

    Total spent in 25 years on your electricity by TEP is $73,194. With Solar Panels that are 100 percent successful guaranteed for 25 years that cost less than $6,000 when installed and used for 25 years for free. If you sell your house you will be paid more.

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