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We sell a system capable of creating 2.4 kilowatts of energy ready to plug and reduce your electricity bill that costs only $5,958. You can add to this system as many times as you want and make it much larger.

In the current economy a return on your money of 3% is fantastic. With a return on your solar investment a return of 30% to 50% is available with solar systems and this is the reason they are becoming so popular.

SDS Sonoran Desert Solar is the Best System Available.

You can and or SDS can monitor your system on the internet.

Commercial Systems paid for in 2 years. Residential in 3 in Mexico with summer discount.

Rocky Point Puerto Penasco Sonora Mexico

Caring for the panels is very easy, most of what is needed is keep them clean. We can show you some tricks to make that easy. Our monitoring system is good enough to monitor each panel individually so if you have enough panels you might not notice the failure of one panel or inverter. Some panel systems do not protect you from power surges so the failures will not be covered by the warranty. Over the past ten years of installing over 1500 panels I have not has one Panel failure. Having you as a satisfied customer is more important to us than taking short cuts to save us a few dollars. We will pay attention to all of the details to make it right. We look forward to giving you a quote. Please give us a call.

Sistemas pequeños crecen con el ahorro

Your SDS solar panel system can be modified to meet your changing needs without a loss of value in your present system. In this business if we serve your needs today we will keep you as a satisfied customer. After 2 to 3 years when your system is paid for you will realize what a good investment you have made and most of our customers have expanded their systems.


The smallest of systems can be plugged into the wall socket in an upstairs bedroom next to the panels. We also give you the ability to have power when everyone else in the neighborhood is without. We have a disconnect breaker from the grid that permits you to still have power in your house. We are a company with the experience to know the modifications that will give you the advantage. Smile and go to the Quotation Page to get started.

Pueden eliminarse las facturas de energía

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