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We sell a system capable of creating 2.4 kilowatts of energy ready to plug and reduce your electricity bill that costs only $5,958. You can add to this system as many times as you want and make it much larger.

In the current economy a return on your money of 3% is fantastic. With a return on your solar investment a return of 30% to 50% is available with solar systems and this is the reason they are becoming so popular.

SDS Sonoran Desert Solar is the Best System Available.

You can and or SDS can monitor your system on the internet.

Commercial Systems paid for in 2 years. Residential in 3 in Mexico with summer discount.

Rocky Point Puerto Penasco Sonora Mexico

The Solar Panels Have a 20 Year Guarantee. I have installed over 1500 panels that are now over 10 years old and I have not had one failure. This means that they have paid for themselves in electricity several times over. Some of the inverters have a two year guarantee but I have had no failures there either. I give instructions about turning them on and off that takes the stress off of them. I buy panels and equipment from large well established manufacturers as a distributor so you get the SDS guarantee and theirs. If a part or Panel would fail the replacement would be immediate from SDS stock then I would wait for the manufacturer’s replacement. I have heard of several instances where the local supplier gives his warranty and then goes out of Business. I will give you the manufacturer’s warranty so manufacturer can replace the the SDS replaced part.

Sistemas pequeños crecen con el ahorro

You can call for an immediate response 24/7. In Mexico 631-137-3144 Nogales Mexico Omar 632-234-3718or the US 520 450 3237. Otherwise we will respond within 24 hours by email info@sonorandesertsolar.com


Los sistemas que instalamos vigilamos para comprobar su eficacia. Usted puede también supervisarlos al mismo tiempo desde su computadora o teléfono móvil. Mientras más energía solar viene en línea al menos la necesidad de la generación de energía contaminante del carbón y el petróleo.

Pueden eliminarse las facturas de energía

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