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We sell a system capable of creating 2.4 kilowatts of energy ready to plug and reduce your electricity bill that costs only $5,958. You can add to this system as many times as you want and make it much larger.

Un mini sistema 600 vatios completo listo para conectarse se vende por $1,695

In the current economy a return on your money of 3% is fantastic. With a return on your solar investment a return of 30% to 50% is available with solar systems and this is the reason they are becoming so popular.

SDS Sonoran Desert Solar is the Best System Available.

You can and or SDS can monitor your system on the internet.

Commercial Systems paid for in 2 years. Residential in 3 in Mexico with summer discount.

Rocky Point Puerto Penasco Sonora Mexico

If you are looking to sell power selling it to the capacity of the user’s needs is the way to do it. Using a double meter system allows you to do this. One meter monitors their use of the public system the other meter monitors what you sell to them. When a customer’s meter turns backwards enough to sell electricity to the Electric Company for the billing period the money gained is about one third of the amount they charge per watt. If you sell to multiple customers the metering system can effectively regulate the use to all of the customers. With the 30% to 50% return on the SDS solar system you can share a part with you customer and make both of you happy.

Sistemas pequeños crecen con el ahorro

Power can be easily sold to anyone on one city block or beyond. This is with a wiring system between the customers that can be between poles or underground. The monitoring and transfer system can be handled automatically and efficiently. With Solar Power becoming a large part of consumption the power companies are going to be raising their rates to cover their overhead costs. In other words if they have to cover 10 million pesos of expenses every month and they only receive 5 million pesos in electrical sales they will double their rates to cover their expenses. In that case the return on investment in solar goes from 30% or 50% to 60% or 100% per year.


The systems we install you can monitor for efficiency. You can also monitor them at the same time from your computer or mobile phone. While more solar energy comes online as pollution-free power generation the less the need for energy from polluting coal and oil.

Pueden eliminarse las facturas de energía

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