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We sell a system capable of creating 2.4 kilowatts of energy ready to plug and reduce your electricity bill that costs only $5,958. You can add to this system as many times as you want and make it much larger.

Our small system of 600 watts complete ready to install costs only $1,695

In the current economy a return on your money of 3% is fantastic. With a return on your solar investment a return of 30% to 50% is available with solar systems and this is the reason they are becoming so popular.

Sonoran Desert Solar or "SDS" is the Best System Available at the lowest price.

You can and Sonoran Desert Solar or "SDS" can monitor your system on the internet.

Commercial Systems paid for in 2 years. Residential in 3 with Mexico's summer discount.

Soon you will see live here the actual electricity generated with the display.

Mejor System Solar

The new Sonoran Desert Solar system is first-class and has the latest technology. It develops the maximum wattage per dollar and pays for itself in 2 years. That means that over the next 23 years of the panel’s guarantee it reduces your light Bill and gives you 10 times the return on investment. Once you have enough wattage to cover 75% of your light Bill with the air-conditioning running it will generate enough electricity to pay your light bill all year. In the months when you are using very little energy the panels are generating energy and giving you credit for the months when more watts are needed. For example in the 6 months of November December January February March and April, when the air conditioner does not run you are generating a surplus and with this surplus generated you compensate your largest Bill when the air conditioner is running.

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  • Sistemas pequeños crecen con el ahorro

    Come to Alejandro Portugal Insurance (Seguros) to see some Solar Panels.

    With a beginning simple system you start to save on your electrical bill. Once you feel the savings it is easier to invest in more saving. A system that pays for itself in 2 years with a panel life guarantee of 25 years you get paid back a minimum of over 10 times your investment. You can spend as little as $1,695 for a starter system. On this system it pays you back by saving that much on your electrical bill in two years. Then every two years you get a further reduction of $1,695 dollars. This amounts to paying you back another $16,950 dollars by the reduction of your electric bill, for an initial $1,695 dollar investment. I realize that residential rates drop in the summer when the temperature reaches 38 degrees centigrade. This means for residences the payback of the initial investment may take another year making it 3 years. This is a 33% to a 50% return on the investment per year making the return of up to 900% during the warranty period. This is even better when you realize that most guaranteed items last twice as long as their guarantee. This even becomes better when you understand that the basic starter system costs as little as $1,695 dollars or at today’s exchange rate of 11% that converts to 18,645 pesos and with this first class starter system there are no electrical or financial disadvantages when adding to the system in the future.


    The systems we install monitor for effectiveness. You can also monitor them at the same time from your computer or mobile phone. While more solar energy comes online the less the need for polluting power generated from coal and oil.

    Important !! If you have panels on the roof that were hooked to a battery system for power before the power company came to your neighborhood; Here is an important item those same panels can be hooked up to save you money now that you are on the grid. Give us a call for more details.

    Pueden eliminarse las facturas de energía

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    Call 520 450 3237 for a quotation best price and installation in Mexico or the USA.

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