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We sell a system capable of creating 2.4 kilowatts of energy ready to plug and reduce your electricity bill that costs only $5,958. You can add to this system as many times as you want and make it much larger.

Un mini sistema 600 vatios completo listo para conectarse se vende por $1,695

In the current economy a return on your money of 3% is fantastic. With a return on your solar investment a return of 30% to 50% is available with solar systems and this is the reason they are becoming so popular.

SDS Sonoran Desert Solar is the Best System Available.

You can and or SDS can monitor your system on the internet.

Commercial Systems paid for in 2 years. Residential in 3 in Mexico with summer discount.

Rocky Point Puerto Penasco Sonora Mexico

Even with the small starting system you will receive a savings on your electric bill. With this saving you can use it to invest in more equipment and increase the size of your system. After you have reached a point where you are spinning your meter backwards you only receive from the electric company about 30% of the price you pay them per watt. When this happens your investment pays you better if you make arrangements to reduce your neighbor’s bill by 20% by making an agreement with them. This way you get another 50% over sending your power to the power company.

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  • Sistemas pequeños crecen con el ahorro

    With a simple system you start saving money on your electric bill. Once you feel the savings it is easier to invest in more equipment to increase your savings. A system that pays for itself in 2 years with a guarantee of 20 years will pay you back 10 times your investment during the warranty. You can invest as little as $1,695 for a starting system, but for this example we will show what happens if you spend 5 thousand dollars on a system that pays you to save that much of your electricity bill over two years. Subsequently, every two years you will get a reduction of another 5 thousand dollars. This is equivalent to receiving another 45 thousand dollars over 20 years by reducing your electricity bill that amount for an initial investment of 5 thousand dollars. I realize that residential rates decrease in the summer when the temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius. For residences, this means that the return on the initial investment can take another year making it in 3 years. It's a 33% to 50% return on investment per year and up to a 900% return during the warranty period. This is even better when you realize that guaranteed items usually last up to two times as long as the guarantee period. This becomes better when you understand that the basic starter system costs as little as $ 1,695 dollars or with today's exchange rate of 11% making the cost 17,540 pesos and with this first class starter system the is no electrical or financial disadvantage when added to the system in the future.


    The smallest of systems can be plugged into the wall socket in an upstairs bedroom next to the panels. We also give you the ability to have power when everyone else in the neighborhood is without. We have a disconnect breaker from the grid that permits you to still have power in your house. We are a company with the experience to know the modifications that will give you the advantage. Smile and go to the Quotation Page to get started.

    We have cheap solar panels for sale to put a solar system on your house or business. These solar panels and solar processors are the best and most ecological internet capable inverters you can buy right here in Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point Mexico

    Pueden eliminarse las facturas de energía

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